Where, When & Why

WHERE we work and WHERE we came from

Novus Medical, LLC was founded in 1998, in Houston, TX.  It started as a small woman-owned business and although our growth has exceeded our expectations, we continue to remain a boutique firm.

Novus Medical began in the Radiology industry for locum tenens.  The increased demand for Radiologists allowed us to grow quickly in market share while maintaining the small business feel of one on one client and candidate interaction which we still continue 13 years later!

In 2000, Novus Medical began contracting with the Government.  We worked continuously with the Government in VA Hospitals, Prison systems as well as Indian Health Clinics for over 15 years.

TeleVyde began covering remote locations and grew into providing nighthawk coverage. We were a 24/7 company. In 2009, we started working with mobile health screening companies in Texas. This area of teleradiology has boomed and we are now providing coverage in 12 states.

With the Pandemic in 2020, we realized we needed to be a part of the solution. We are actively seeking the ability to market IgG/IgM testing to our current clients as well as new clients of medical professionals.

Our physical place of employment is in Bryan/College Station, TX.  It’s centrally located near the big cities of Houston, Austin and Dallas.  While we work here, our business is located Nationally.  We have clients from California to New York to Florida and back to Texas!

WHEN we work

We understand you are busy during the day, that’s why we are always on call for you!  Our One on One commitment is just that, you can contact  us at any time.  Most of our clients and providers have our cell phones on speed dial.

WHY we do it

Trust us, there are days we ask that same question.  But when we remember all of the success we’ve had, we realize we do it because we have the ability to make a difference.  Whether you’re our Client or our Radiologist, we feel privileged to “work” along side you to provide the best service for the patients.